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Stages in an assessment/certification process

Organizations and companies often go for certifications/assessment like ISO 9001 or ISO 27001 or CMMI. A company may decide to seek certification for many reasons, as certification can: Meet Customer Requirements Result in more revenue and business from new customers Improve Company and Product Quality Assessment process is a continuous cycle. There are some stages/steps […]

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How to set objectives if there is no baseline?

Baselines are created for the core “value-generating” processes of the business in the organizations. From the observed measurement data, an organization comes up with various process performance baselines (PPB) periodically. In a software industry, there can be PPBs for coding speed, defect density, productivity, testing speed, review effectiveness etc. Then measurable improvement targets (process performance […]

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Pioneers in Quality domain

Quality Management resulted mainly from the work of the quality gurus and their theories. There have been three groups of gurus since the 1940’s: 1. Early 1950’s Americans who took the messages of quality to Japan: Joseph Juran, W Edwards Deming, and Armand Feigenbum 2. Late 1950’s Japanese who developed new concepts in response to […]

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All about Hypothesis

Open the pdf and explore.. Hypothesis Test

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Security testers, the bad guys ;)

I am comfortable as long as you are not intruding into my private space Well, then what about hackers..? They are supposed to intrude into your space. After all, that’s what they are supposed to do. So how can you ensure that your environment is less vulnerable? The answer lies in security testing. With this […]

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Impact analysis

Do an impact analysis whenever there is a change in the system  

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World standards Day

We are celebrating many days like mothers day, independence day, valentines day etc. So why not a day for standards…? Yes, Oct 14th is celebrated as word standards day. It is an initiative of the World Standards Corporation, honoring the expert hands behind the international standards. For more details, refer World Standards Day

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Who is a Process Engineer?

How will you answer to a common man’s question upon your profession? Suppose, you are a Quality engineer. But if a person who is not at all related to IT world asks you about your job, how will you answer? I thought about the same in many dimensions. Hmm.. It is easy to have a complex definition.. […]

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Statistical Tests in Minitab leading to CMMI High Maturity

In this article, 7 statistical tests are explained which are essential for doing statistical analysis inside a CMMI High Maturity (HM) compliant project or organization. 1       Stability test Definition: Data stability for the selected parameter is tested using minitab before making performance baselines. Steps: Go to Stat->Control Charts-> I-MR (In variables, enter the column containing […]

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Life under Configuration Control

Am I organized? Are you organized? Do you feel cluttered; shall we first analyze the reasons behind the same. Lazy..? No time..? Poor memory..? Fear of Failure..? Procrastination..? To start organizing our life, we need to acknowledge the cause and make a decision to overcome it. Organization takes time, but when we get into the habit […]

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