Performing gap analysis

A gap analysis is normally done to identify the gaps/missing in the existing system. The current system is compared to a master standard while doing the gap analysis. A gap analysis reveals gaps in written procedures as well as gaps in practices.

If the organization is already compliant to some older versions of the standard/some other standards, some process and procedures may be there in the organization. So first step is to understand the procedures and practices in the organization. Then  ma p the processes in the standard with that of the written procedures in the organization – if there is  no written procedures, the system needs to be defined from scratch . Now there are cases where practices are not in-line with written procedures.  Hence here comes the identification of practice gap!! Finally document your findings. In short good gap analysis documentation will have

  • Reference to master standard
  • Interpretation of clause in the master standard
  • Reference to organizational procedures
  • Gaps in Procedure- if there is no procedure in the organization, mention as ‘new’ procedure to be defined
  • Gaps in practice- This field needs to be filled, if procedure is compliant  to master standard in documentation only, and not in practice