Which Improvement Model should be selected?

Nowadays there are many process improvement techniques and tools around us. It is a different thing whether we use them in the right way or not. Some commonly used models in these days are CMMI, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ITIL, 6 Sigma etc. When the number of process improvement models and techniques are increasing, the decision of picking the right stuff for the organization becomes really crucial. In addition the choice of order and priority selection may be an aspect which becomes highly important. First of all organization needs to analyze which are their painful areas. Then based on the same, they need to evaluate different models and choose the best fit. Definitely organization decision of selecting a standard could be purely customer driven too.

Once the standard is picked and achieved compliance to it, then many organizations go for formal evaluation by certification bodies. Proper care should be given while selecting the certification agencies too, as there are many. They need to be authenticated agencies. While evaluating several certification bodies it needs to be remembered that the cheapest could be more expensive in the long run if its auditing is below standard.