Sensex and Nifty at record highs for the third straight day

Boosting the investor sentiments, Benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty opened at record highs for the third straight day today (5th August 2021).

Sensex above 54,450, Nifty above 16,280

The second wave of COVID-19 didn’t much affect the confidence of investors in the Indian market. In fact the lock down and work at home conditions seems to have favored many fresh investors too.

And once major portion of Indian population gets vaccinated, everything would fall in track (hopefully)!

If fear and greed can not overrule you, play with stock markets

Market is driven by sentiments. Fear and greed are the two emotional factors behind every surges and drops. Control these emotions and believe in your logical intuitions and act accordingly.

There is nothing to be worried about. In fact it’s the right time to grow your money.

No matter how little money you have,

  • Do some basic analysis with money control or ticker tape or screener ,
  • Choose the right stock,
  • Invest or trade