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Stages in an assessment/certification process

Organizations and companies often go for certifications/assessment like ISO 9001 or ISO 27001 or CMMI. A company may decide to seek certification for many reasons, as certification can: Meet Customer Requirements Result in more revenue and business from new customers Improve Company and Product Quality Assessment process is a continuous cycle. There are some stages/steps […]

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Who is a Process Engineer?

How will you answer to a common man’s question upon your profession? Suppose, you are a Quality engineer. But if a person who is not at all related to IT world asks you about your job, how will you answer? I thought about the same in many dimensions. Hmm.. It is easy to have a complex definition.. […]

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ANNEX SL in ISO 9001-2015

What is Annex SL in ISO 9001-2015? Annex SL is a platform upon which all the ISO management system standards rest. Yea, many more are there yet to reach the platform.  Some already took their places, including ISO 9001. With the September 2015 release, ISO 9001 also became a member in this Annex family. Through […]

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Advanced Audit Procedures

Auditing is sampling. The choice of right sample is crucial for the success of a good audit. Scope of audit also needs to be well defined before starting the audit. Normally evidences of non-conformances are collected through document review, observation, interviews etc. In addition there are certain advanced procedures to conduct an audit. Physical Auditing              […]

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Reporting Non-conformances

Audits are the mechanisms of ensuring the integrity of the product as well as process. During audits a number of deviations may be revealed. It is extremely important to ensure that the deviations are documented or reported properly. Deviations can be of specific or generic in nature. If it is a generic one, the auditor […]

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10 points for an effective quality audit

1. Interviewing the Project team A quality audit can be done easily by interviewing the project manager as well as some of the project team members. Before starting the interview try to understand the project scope, known risks, problems etc. And even can have some quantitative analysis done, on effort variance or schedule slippage (assuming […]


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How to optimize the usage of a full time QA in a project..?

How can we optimize the time and effort of a full time QA person (process consultant) in a project..? In majority of the cases, at least 50 % of the auditing work done by QA could be automated.. Then how could the QA work be made cost effective..? A traffic police controls the traffic in […]


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How to become an Effective Process Consultant

A process consultant’s activities inside a project start with the project kick-off meeting. And finally it ends up with closure meeting. The sequence of activities carried out during the project life cycle is as explained below. 1. Help Project manager in project planning • Defining the workflow and milestones for project activities. • Identifying the […]

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