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Statistical Tests in Minitab leading to CMMI High Maturity

In this article, 7 statistical tests are explained which are essential for doing statistical analysis inside a CMMI High Maturity (HM) compliant project or organization. 1       Stability test Definition: Data stability for the selected parameter is tested using minitab before making performance baselines. Steps: Go to Stat->Control Charts-> I-MR (In variables, enter the column containing […]

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Controlled Sub Process Vs Uncontrolled Sub Process

Sub processes are components of a larger defined process. For example, a typical development process may be defined in terms of sub processes such as requirements development, design, build, review and test. The sub processes themselves may be further decomposed into other sub processes and process elements. Measurable parameters are defined for these sub processes […]


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15 common mistakes while baselining data

Baselines are derived statistically using performance data collected over a period of time. They are indicators of current performance of an organization. Hence proper attention must be paid while deriving baselines as an error can cause even a loss of a business. There are some critical, but common mistakes observed in the baselining process as […]


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Attribute Data charts

Further to what you might have read in http://qualitynotion.com/what-control-chart-shall-i-use-3/.. Unlike the C chart, U chart does not require a constant number of sample items, and it does not require any limit to the potential number of defects/nonconformities. Further more for a P- chart of NP chart, the number of non conformities cannot exceed the number […]

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History of SPC

Statistical methods were adopted to monitor, control and improve quality in production industry even in early 1920s..And then the usage was spread across various sectors including software industry.. Read more… History of SPC

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                                The word statistics while referring to a scientific discipline should not be confused with the word statistics referring to a quantity like mean or median calculated from  a set of data  as given in the example. Statistics is all […]

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I am starting a series of articles related to statistics. Here comes the first in that series. You may start experiencing statistics as you go one by one!! Basic Statistics

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