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How to optimize the usage of a full time QA in a project..?

How can we optimize the time and effort of a full time QA person (process consultant) in a project..? In majority of the cases, at least 50 % of the auditing work done by QA could be automated.. Then how could the QA work be made cost effective..? A traffic police controls the traffic in […]


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Models/standards in coming days..??

What could be role of models/standards in coming days…? Nowadays many of the big organizations set up their processes and procedures without formal compliance to any models/standards like CMMI or ISO. It doesn’t mean that they are not adhering to any of the standard practices. Definitely without ‘process adherence/quality products’, they cannot be so called […]


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“Single” PPM in an organization, is there a chance..?

Process composition, Process performance models etc. are terminologies in CMMI High Maturity area. Process needs to be composed quantitatively considering various alternatives to achieve the project performance objective. There needs to be a linkage between composed process and PPM. Or rather there needs to be alternative methods for the critical sub processes in the PPM. […]


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What happens when data falls outside valid range of PPM ?

PPMs are valid within the data used or building them. We cannot extrapolate the data for prediction. Now we use these PPMs to check the probability of confidence in achieving the targets. That is, we are simulating subprocess parameters which could be outside the valid range of PPM. In that case, how can we expect […]


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50 % probability of confidence to achieve your project objectives– is it good enough ..?

A PM  says to his senior manager, ” There is only a 50- 50 chance to deliver the project on time”. A reply like ‘”you take the risk and go ahead as it is ” would be a rare case especially in case of a project where on time delivery is a critical requirement. Back […]


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