How to become an Effective Process Consultant

A process consultant’s activities inside a project start with the project kick-off meeting. And finally it ends up with closure meeting. The sequence of activities carried out during the project life cycle is as explained below.
1. Help Project manager in project planning
• Defining the workflow and milestones for project activities.
• Identifying the risks during project start up and execution.
• Defining process and product goals using process performance objectives and models defined in the organization
• Identifying the critical parameter for statistical process monitoring.
2. Review the project plan and it’s annexure like CM plan, auditing plan, risk management plan, Quantitative project management plan, estimation, schedule etc.
3. Conduct process audits during project start up, execution, before delivery and closure time.
• Audits could be with various focuses, say like quality audits, configuration audits, security audits etc.
• During audits ensure compliance with project plan and Organization’s Set of Standard Processes (OSSP)
4. Conduct product audits to ensure product compliance to requirements.
5. Provide regular Consultancy to project team to ensure compliance. It can done through Weekly meetings, Trainings etc.
6. Support Project Manager to do regular data analysis and milestone analysis. Trigger for root cause analysis on a case to case basis.
7. Support Project Manager in statistical monitoring and analysis of identified critical parameter
8. Support Project Manager in simulation analysis to check the probability of achieving the project goals
9. Independently report the status of the project to senior management on periodical basis.
10. Conduct before delivery audit
11. Support Project Manager in preparing the ‘lessons Learned’ document and upload to organization’s common repository
12. Support Project Manager to do closure analysis. Trigger for root cause analysis on a case to case basis.
13. Finally conduct closure audit.


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