Organizational Process Activities from a CMMI perspective

There are a set of process areas asking for institutionalization of certain organizational process activities, other than the normal project activities. It can be summarised as ,

  • RSKM    : Organizational Risk Database
  • OPD       : Organizational Set of Standard Process (OSSP), Six Process assets
  • OPF        : Minor Improvement Initiatives
  • OT          : Organizational training
  • OPP       : Business Objectives, Process Performance Objectives, Baselines and Models.
  • OID        : Innovative improvement Initiatives
  • CAR        : Root cause analysis and actions
  1. Define an Organizational risk data base stating the commonly seen risks and mitigation steps for the same.
  2. Define Quality Management System (QMS). QMS should contain the required procedures, guidelines, checklists, formats, tools, workflows and standards (coding standards, design standards etc.)
  3. Define Project database. Archive project artefacts in to the database at the time of project closure as a reference for future projects.
  4. Define work environment standards (network, infrastructure etc.)
  5. Identify Improvement initiatives for the growth of the organization
  6. Conduct organizational training based on the strategic training needs of the organization.
  7. Define the organizational Metric Database (OMD) with all the required derived parameters (e.g. Productivity, defect density etc.) Collect the base parameters (effort, schedule, defects and size) up-to the possible granularity from the projects. The collected metrics should be verified for correctness, completeness and consistency before entering in to OMD.
  8. Perform statistical analysis upon the collected data and derive Process Performance Baselines.
  9. Define Business Objectives (BO) (e.g. Increase Profitability by 10 %), Process performance Objectives (e.g. Increase Productivity by 10 %), Critical  Processes affecting the PPOs, Alternative methods for performing the tasks to achieve the targets (PPO), Process Performance Models (PPMS)
  10. Identify innovative incremental improvement initiatives to meet the PPOs. Perform simulation analysis to check the probability of achieving the PPOs. Pilot and deploy the new improvement initiatives inside the organization.
  11. Evaluate or analyse the results annually (or based on the frequency of baselining defined in the organization) to check whether the targets are achieved due to the deployment of improvement initiatives.
  12. Perform causal analysis to identify the root causes if any problems or defects are noted. Causal analysis also would help to identify the areas of improvement.
  13. Define an intranet portal. Publish the QMS, organizational risk database, OMD, Repository of lessons learned etc. in the intranet portal of the organization. Also the portal should have provision to collect user feedback or change requests to improve the system.

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