Process Performance Models (PPM) – Some Guidelines

  • A PPM is a prediction model used to forecast  the performance of the identified PPO parameter. It is also used for identifying the critical sub process parameters for quantitative/statistical management
  • PPM is made in such a way that  probability to achieve the current performance of PPO parameters with current performance sub process parameters should be  99.97 % or at least  greater than 90%
  • Depending upon sub process parameter identified for improvement proposal (say it as x) to meet the targets, there are two cases to be analyzed with PPM.
    •   x could be  a parameter which was already identified as critical sub process parameter affecting PPO during last PPM building process itself.
    •   x is a completely new process introduced in to the organization, hence there is no data currently for x. Hence x need not be a parameter in the current PPM. Rather it could be added to PPM at the time of next baselining if found feasible.
  • Using PPM probability of achieving targets could be checked using  simulation methods .
  • While doing the probability analysis, a critical probability value should be opted in such a way that  below which process should not be acceptable. i.e. .Probability to achieve the PPO should be greater than 75% (here, the risk in losing the targets is 25 % and which is acceptable to the organization. )
  • Probability to achieve the targeted performance of PPO parameters with targeted performance of sub process should be  greater than  the critical probability value set.
  • Now if x (new sub process, helping to achieve the target)  is not a parameter in current PPM, probability analysis would be limited to prediction of current performance only and not an analysis towards meeting the targets. In that cases, it should be substantiated with enough evidence of implementing the new initiative inside the project and corresponding piloting/validation reports
  • If 75 % probability is there to achieve the target, the PM can go ahead with the project defined process. With PPM project should get this probability after simulation.
  • PPMs should be recalibrated if any process change is happening inside the projects/organization or based on any other triggers affecting the PPOs
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