HM Practices in a CMMI ML 5 Organization

Assume current baselines of productivity inside the organization is 24 to 30 units. Now the organization decides to improves it to 30 (LSL) to 36 (USL) units based on some business requirements. Here, probability to achieve the target is 0 % with the current process. Organization needs to come up with improvement initiatives to change the process.

•Say for example, Usage of ‘x’ tool will enhance coding speed which in turn will results in an increased productivity based on the correlation between productivity and coding speed

First of all need to  decide the critical probability with which the improvement initiatives could be chosen after simulation analysis, say it as 75 %. The further steps in Identification and deployment of Improvement Initiatives are as given below.

Target analysis shall be done at the time of next baselinign to check whether the deployed process change has resulted in improvements ,in the expected range. During next PPB, the improvement in the identified factor for improvement proposal as well as improvement in PPO shall be analyzed as below..

CMMI Ml 5 -2


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