CMMI- Dev V 1.3 Changes – 1.2 Vs 1.3



High Maturity Clarifications

  • BO needs to be quantitative and traceable to sub process measures through PPO.
  • Organizational Innovation and Deployment (OID) changed to Organizational Performance Management (OPM).
  • CAR an advanced PA, could be applied across all Pas.
  • For more information refer  CMMI Dev V 1.2 Vs V 1.3 – ML5 PAs

More Effective GPs

  • Renamed GP 2.6 as ‘Control Work Products’ (earlier it was ‘Manage configurations’).
  • GP 2.9 is now ‘Objectively evaluate adherence of selected work products’. ‘Selected work products’ now provide more flexibility.
  • Simplified the GP 3.2. Earlier statement ‘Collect work products, measures, measurement results, and improvement information’ is now replaced with ‘Collect process-related experiences’
  • Level 4 and 5 generic goals and practices eliminated. For more information read How can you achieve CMMI High Maturity in a continuous Representation..?

Constellation Commonality

  • All the three constellations of CMMI V 1.3  –SVC, ACQ and Dev- got released in the same time, considering all the similarities across them
  • Out of the 22 process areas,16 are core process areas, 1 is shared and are 5 development specific process areas. (A core process area is a process area that is common to all CMMI models. A shared process area is shared by at least two CMMI models, but not all of them)

Changes in Process Area



Architecture related changes

  • ‘Typical work products’ referred in CMMI-Dev, V 1.2 will be are now called ‘example work products.
  • ‘Amplification’ model component has been removed, making the model simpler.
  • ‘IPPD’ addition has been removed from V 1.3. You don’t see the term ‘IPPD’ anywhere in the model.

New areas included in PA descriptions while providing interpretation of SPs and GPs

  • Agile methods
  • Quality attributes (i.e., non functional requirements or “ilities”)
  • Allocation of product capabilities to release increments.
  • Product lines
  • System of systems
  • Reuse -centric development practices
  • Customer satisfaction
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