15 Points to be taken care during review of a work-product

Catching defects early reduces cost. Below 15 points explains the things to be taken care during review of a document.

  1. Ensure compliance w.r.t higher level documents. For example, If a design document is reviewed, ensure that all the user needs detailed in requirement document are addressed in the design document too
  2. Ensure spelling and grammar. It has got its own importance especially during translation from one language to another.
  3. Ensure that the document addresses an alternate way of implementation.
  4. Ensure to capture risks and constraints involved in additional to what is documented in the artefact.
  5. Ensure to capture limitations in implementation.
  6. Ensure to capture security, safety and maintainability related aspects.
  7. Ensure the usage of appropriate checklists for easy defect identification.
  8. Follow the established review procedure and select the right review technique that are suitable to the type and level of work products and reviewers
  9. Too much review is time consuming and hence needs to have an eye upon the schedule  always
  10. During review, defects should be documented properly such as it is easily understood by a second person
  11. Plan acceptable values for review speed and defect density for reviews of various work products
  12. After/During review, there needs to have a review data analysis and the results should be communicated to relevant stakeholders with an emphasis on ccontinuous improvement of review methodologies
  13. Root cause analysis of critical defects should be done to avoid recurrence in succeeding phases/work-products
  14. List of frequently committed defects should be made and shared to the organization for future reference
  15. And finally, the most importantly, ensure that purpose of the review is met. Sometimes, the document as such might be good, but not the required one. So before starting the review one should have an understanding of the purpose of document as well as objectives  of review.