Stock – Baba Arts : Was corona virus a blessing in disguise?

Baba Arts Ltd is a TV program production and distribution company. It offers studio services for post production of Cinematographic Works. It seems the corona virus was a blessing in disguise for Baba Arts!!

This stock started to increase during the pandemic time despite its decline till date

The stock was listed in Jan 2008. Omitting the two three notable surges in 2008-2010 time, the stock was continuously decreasing till May 2020. But in May-June 2020 the stock value (~3/-) started to rise again and with some fluctuations and surges in between, today (August 3rd 2021) it is in the range of 17/-. And seems it will rise again.

Last two quarters (March 2021 and June 2021) net profit rises 384.62 % and 461.54 % respectively

This is a graph from tickertape

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