What’s the intuition behind continuous Naive Bayes – ‘behind-the-scenes’ in R

intuition behind Naivebayes

Continuous Naive Bayes Naive Bayes is a supervised machine learning algorithm. As the name implies it’s based on Bayes theorem. In this post, you will discover what’s happening behind the Naive Bayes classifier when you are dealing with continuous predictor variables. Here I have used R language for coding. Let us see what’s going on […]

Statistical Tests in Minitab leading to CMMI High Maturity

In this article, 7 statistical tests are explained which are essential for doing statistical analysis inside a CMMI High Maturity (HM) compliant project or organization. 1       Stability test Definition: Data stability for the selected parameter is tested using minitab before making performance baselines. Steps: Go to Stat->Control Charts-> I-MR (In variables, enter the column containing […]