Sebi introduces T+1 settlement cycle on optional basis

stock market

SEBI has introduced an optional T+1 settlement cycle for the stock market. It simply means if you have purchased a stock today, it will be there in your demat account by next working day (T+1). Currently the settlement time in Indian stock market is two working days. (T+2) As per the current circular introduced by […]

What’s the intuition behind continuous Naive Bayes – ‘behind-the-scenes’ in R

intuition behind Naivebayes

Continuous Naive Bayes Naive Bayes is a supervised machine learning algorithm. As the name implies it’s based on Bayes theorem. In this post, you will discover what’s happening behind the Naive Bayes classifier when you are dealing with continuous predictor variables. Here I have used R language for coding. Let us see what’s going on […]

Covid 19 – How long can the pandemic last in India?

covid analysis

Six plus months had elapsed since the World Health Organization declared Covid -19 as a pandemic. The daily confirmed cases are still rising, but interestingly google trend shows a lose of interest in searches related to Covid-19 recently. Maybe the initial panic has come down to a greater extent. But how long can the pandemic […]